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Main Purpose

Formerly a trading name of Kylanja Ltd, Animal Days Out (ADO) was setup as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) in 2011, with the aim to provide interactive, educational and recreational opportunities for children, young people and adults with a wide theme of animals, wildlife, nature and outdoor activities-adventure. We successfully developed a wide range of programmes incorporating these themes and as they developed year on year we were able to deliver them to a wide demographic of people, providing a measurable return of investment into the wider community. In February 2018, after 8 years of providing ADO Encounters in the form of animal parties, experiences and park events for thousands of children, young people and adults across hundreds of venues, ADO announced they will now be concentrating solely and fully on their healthcare and education services going forward and this area of 'entertainment' was dropped. From March 2018 the name 'Animal Days Out' was also phased out, as it did not meet our aims and objectives anymore, so we are now trading as 'ADO' with an umbrella of three separate services called ADO Services, ADO Therapy  & ADO Education (Formerly ADO Academy). 

Big Ideas

ADO is a small social enterprise with big ideas. We have a large range of our own animals including invertebrates, reptiles, small and large mammals that work with our team in many different ways. We have qualified and certified staff in Animal Management, Animal Handling, Animal Assisted Activities, Relaxation Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CounsellingHorticulture, Bushcraft and Forest School. These qualities complement our all our services.

The organisation is growing organically year on year and we are now based at three sites within the London Borough of Bexley, also servicing neighbouring boroughs. Our key business focus is now within the Education and Healthcare sectors.

As a CIC, our products and services provide a unique, valuable return of investment for individuals, groups, parents and professionals. Our aims and objectives offer children, young people and adults diverse opportunities across a number of our services in healthcare and education. We work with communities, local health, business and private organisations across the region. Our business strength is through referrals, recommendations and partnering with health care services, schools and other local organisations requiring healthcare and education services.

Alternative Healthcare Services

In early 2012, we expanded our services to encompass the amazing opportunity to provide a unique offering to those individuals or groups with additional needs, mental ill health and disabilities. With proven experience in working within this sector, we further developed a range of activities and therapies and proceeded to offer these services under the brand of Animals For Therapy. The feedback and critique from our customers confirmed that our services provided many positive outcomes and had measurable effects on those with a whole range of needs. They also provided a real opportunity to health authorities with referals. The aim was to offer these services to a greater audience including both parents, professionals, groups and individuals. We can deliver as mobile outreach and at our own venues. Throughout the years the service offers so much more than just animal therapy and although this area is still very important to our service users, the brand changed to ADO Therapy to recognise the many different areas of therapeutic coverage we can now offer.

Training Centre

In February 2015 we became an Accredited Training Centre and can work with children, young people and adults as students to gain AQA Unit Awards in various curriculum areas. The newly created ADO Training Centre will fit within the general umbrella of ADO Education.  We also offer more focussed group and individual training workshops for young people and adults for mental health improvement.

Outdoor Adventure

In 2017 we trained our staff and invested in a new outdoor adventure activity called Low Ropes. With this we will be looking to provide more outdoor adventure options and challenges for all ages. This direction will allow us to move into play and physical activities going forward.


Our company now offers a whole range of  Education and Therapy Services.

Our service offering is almost certainly unique. We intend to continue to build our different service offerings in the future under the main brand of ADO as follows:

ADO Services - Alternative Provision School and Special Projects

ADO Education -  Ofsted Outdoor Preschool Nursery, Holiday Clubs, Accredited Training, Educational Services and Workshops for Schools

ADO Therapy - Full range of AAT and AAA services, Social & Therapeutic Horticulture (STH), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Relaxation Therapy (RT), Equine Activities and Therapy (EAA & EAT) and Counselling Workshops for Individuals, Groups, Parents and Professionals.

Working With The Experts

We have worked with many private individuals, professional organisations, local government and charities and trusts who tirelessly dedicate themselves to those in the community and those with additional needs. We have partnered a whole range of services to both private and public organisations. 

The Future

ADO will continue to further develop our service offering. We have already invested heavily into our business and infrastructure to improve the day to day operations and intend to improve our Welling sites. Finally, a lot of hard work will continue to go into our media and web presence to ensure that we increase our visibility for customers and keep everyone updated with services and news. As with all Not-for-Profit organisations we also rely on the tremendous goodwill, donations and volunteering from our large support and following. Without these amazing people, we could not have achieved as much as we have to date.

Get in Touch

To contact the team about any aspect of any of our services, use any of the methods below:

Call  Call: 020 8850 6778 - Office Hours 8.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday
Complete Our Form  For ADO Encounters or the ADO Academy - Complete Our On-Line Form HERE>
Complete the Form  For ADO Therapy - Complete Our On-Line Form HERE>

All ADO Encounter and ADO Academy brands are run wholly by Animal Days Out C.I.C - A Not For Profit Community Interest Company

Part and Parcel of the Community..

ADO Therapy is wholly run through Animal Days Out C.I.C. as a specialist team.

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ADO Brands & Services - Part of Animal Days Out CIC


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