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ADO Join 'Grow Wild' Campaign

ADO has just received their boxes of wild flower seed after successfully applying and being accepted onto the Grow Wild scheme in association with The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Several thousand seeds including pollinators, woodland species, night time flowering species, sensory and classic field wildflower seeds have arrived to be sown over the next month or so at our Healthcare and Education site at Poets Corner, Welling.

Our application for these free seeds, worth around £100, was based on the issues we have at Poets Corner regarding invasive species like Nettles, Bramble and Bindweed. Now we all know that these species have a place in the wild and can be beneficial to insects and wildlife, but when they are out of control, they cover and limit the growth of other wildflowers and can be a risk to children and young people on their sessions.

Grow and Learn

With these seeds, we can start clearing some of these large areas of invasive species and re-introduce wildfowers that can thrive and provide many more options for the wildlife on the land, increasing the biodiversity of our wildlife site visitors. With the Grow Wild project we can get ADO active as a participant and report on our progress as we go along. 

We shall be getting our children and young people in their sessions to actively take part so they can learn about how these wildflower seeds can help transform the land and provide benefits to the wildlife. We will be re-introducing our Grow & Learn Project to monitor our progress and record the changes.


Grow Wild Seed Contents

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