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Go Ahead & Register for the Holiday Club!
  1. Holiday Club Registration Form

    Please Complete the Registration Form With As Much Detail As Possible.

    You Need To Register One Child At A Time For Any Of Our Holiday Clubs. To Register Two Sibling Children, Please Complete Another Form.

    If Your Child Has Any Special Educational Needs or Disabilities That May Affect Their Attendance In Large Groups Of Other Children, Please Call The Main Office First Before Registering For Further Advice.

    Required Fields marked (*) Must Be Completed

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  2. First We Need To Know Your Contact Details

    Please complete the fields below so that we have your all your contact details at hand..

  3. Your Name(*)
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  4. E-mail(*)
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  5. Full Postal Address inc Post Code(*)
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  7. Mobile Tel Number(*)
    Please Add Your Mobile Telephone Number. We Must Have A Mobile Contact Number
  1. We Now Need Your Child's Details

    You Can Now Complete The Booking Details For Your First Child. Once Completed You Will Have A Chance To Register A Second Sibling Child.

    Please Note, We Are Unable To Book Children 6 to 7 Year's Old For The February Club Due To Ofsted Venue Restrictions On This Occasion.

  2. 1st Child's Name(*)
    Please Type Your Childs Name.
  3. 1st Child's Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)(*)
    Please Add Your Child's Date Of Birth
  4. Please Select Your Child's Age(*)

    Please Select Your Child's Age
  5. Is Your Child?(*)

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  1. Please Choose Your Preferred Sessions


    Morning AM Session 9.30am to 12.30pm

    Afternoon PM Session 12.30pm to 3.30pm

    Short Day (Lunch Not Included) 9.30am to 3.30pm

    Extended Morning (Includes Breakfast) 8am to 12.30pm

    Extended Afternoon (Includes Light Tea Snack) 12.30pm to 6pm

    Extended Short Day (Lunch Not Included, Light Tea Snack Included) 9.30am to 6pm

    Full Long Day (Includes Breakfast & Light Tea Snack) 8am to 6pm


    As Above Except Afternoon PM and Extended Afternoon PM Can Only Be Booked If Part Of A Full Day

    Pricing As Noted On The ADO Mini-Explorers Website



  2. Please Tell Us Your Preferred Sessions(*)
    Please Let Us Know Which Sessions You Require To Book
  3. Preferred Booking Dates for Rangers

    Please add your preferred dates
  1. Please Choose Your Early or Late Club Preferred Options

    If You Are Unsure At This Stage You Can Always Purchase Early or Late Clubs or More Days By Calling The Office At A Later Date Or During The Course Of The Holiday Club

  2. Early and Late Club Options(*)

    Please Click An Option. Do You Want To Book Early Or Late Club - Yes or No
  3. Select Your Early Clubs

    Please select a date
  1. We Now Need To Know If Your Child Has Any Medical or Special Needs Requirements

    Please Read The Sections On This Page Carefully Before Answering.

  2. Medical Conditions

    Does Your Child Have Any Conditions We Should Be Aware Of? For example, any medical or other health conditions, additional or special needs, learning difficulties or allergies to animal fur. Your information is strictly confidential and is only stated to ensure that ADO staff can provide an appropriate level of support on the day to meet expectations or special needs. Please note these details remain strictly confidential and will only be used to assess and understand any additional requirements for the duration of the booking for each child.

    All our event leaders are qualified Paediatric First Aiders and will administer First Aid to your child if there are any incidents and injuries, unless a written note contrary to this action has been noted prior to the dates booked by the parent, carer or guardian.

  3. Would You Describe Your Child As Having Any Additional Needs or Learning Difficulties? Do they require to take any medication during the course of the day. Do they have any medical conditions we should be aware of?

    Please Answer Below

  4. If Yes, How Would You Describe Any of These Needs or Conditions?
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  1. Emergency Contact Details

    Its Important We Have An Emergency Contact If Your Children Fall Ill or Have An Accident And Need To Be Collected. In An Emergency These Contact Details Should Be The Person Who Can Collect The Child If Called Upon.

  2. Contact Name(*)
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  3. Home Tel Number
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  4. Mobile Tel Number(*)
    Please add a mobile number that we can contact you with in an emergency
  5. Relationship
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  1. Payment Options

    Please Indicate How You Intend To Pay For Your Booked Sessions

    Our Options Are Either Childcare Vouchers or With Your Credit-Debit Card By Purchasing The Days Through Our Online Store

  2. Choose Your Payment Preference?(*)

    Please Select One Option
  3. By Sending Your Registration You Agree To Abide By The Terms and Conditions of The ADO Academy. You also agree to ensure that all the information is correct and up to date and will notify Animal Days Out C.I.C. if there are any changes before and during the course of the day.
  4. To View Our Holiday Club Essential Information and Terms of Service, Please Click on the Link Below:

    Terms of Service HERE

    Alternatively, all our terms can be found on our website at www.animaldaysout.com under the 'Quick Menu' section at the base of the homepage.

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