ADO In The News

ADO in the News

ADO Become Pearson Accredited

After a very long process, we are pleased to announce that we have been accredited with a successful application to deliver Pearson qualifications.

What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means that we can now offer BTEC qualifications to our young people and we have become a recognised exam centre.

Another Jack Petchey Winner

We are pleased to announce our 12th winner of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award. This time the award goes to Emma Bronsdon, who has been making leaps and bounds since joining ADO in October of last year.

ADO Senior Manager, Kate O'Brien,  has certainly been impressed with Emma's progress and now her peers have resoundingly voted for her to win the achievement award.

ADO Appoint HY Solicitors

We are pleased to announce ADO have tied up a partnership with legal company H Y Solicitors. The company based in Rochdale will be providing consultancy and legal support for our education services. This now completes our line-up of legal counsel, emcompassing all our services and internal HR. 

Hygiene - 5 Star

Our Preschool kitchen has just been inspected and awarded a Five Star Rating by the London Borough of Bexley authorities.

It was only during the Christmas period that we had been given a provisional 1 star rating, down from our original 5 Star Rating from the previous year. A few of our preschool parents picked up on this 1 star rating, which for us, was unfortunately published before we had a chance of re-inspection. Rest assured, the inspection was made at a very unfortunate time and did not in any way reflect our normal levels of kitchen hygiene. Now that we have been given a 5 star rating on re-inspection, we are happy to spill the beans and explain why we were only awarded 1 star on the initial inspection.


Co-op Local Community Fund

We are pleased to have been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Community Fund again this year. The last fund provided a welcome £3671.92 which went along way towards buidling the Roundhouse at the Mini-Explorers Preschool and all the accessories like the wood burning stove. 

We will again be partnering with the Valliers Wood  Co-op Supermarket on Halfway Street, Sidcup. 

You will again be helping raise funds for ADO! Shoppers that purchase Co-op branded products and services will raise money for ADO right up until the end of October 2019. Yes, that's a whole year of fundraising. ADO will also recieve an equal share from the sale of carrier bags.

The more you shop, the more Co-op will share with us.

Our Animals Need More Bedding - Please Donate

Its been a long hard winter at our Poets Corner site. You see it sits right at the bottom of the valley smack between Shooters Hill and Wickham Open Space. The temperatures really drop in the mornings. When Bexley had a sleety-rain last week, we had big fluffy snow. Its not unusual for everything to be iced up overnight, with temperatures down to minus 6 or more! Its a right old cold trap!!

Which brings us on to our mammal enclosures which are located onsite. During the winter months we have to make sure that we have plenty of warm bedding for our fluffy friends. Most have straw packed into their sleeping quarters, but straw does not work for our Ferrets (prone to respiratory problems with straw dust), Roxy raccoon dog, The Meerkat families and the Dumbo Rats for example. We also get through lots of towels drying our two therapy dogs, once they come back from walks with our students caked in mud!

A Wildlife Corridor

Recently we received a number of shrubs and trees from the Woodland Trust for the land at Poets Corner as part of their free tree packs for the community. We ordered 30 Small Hedge Saplings and 30 Small Copse Saplings. The small hedge included species like Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dogrose, Crab Apple, Elder and Hazel. The copse species included Rowan, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry and Maple. These little sticks of life were destined to improve the diversity on the land in a number of ways.

ADO Brands & Services - Part of Animal Days Out CIC


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