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Inspirational Corey

ADO Senior Manager, Kate O'Brien concluded a fantastic year for our Jack Petchey Award Winners, with our tenth achiever, Corey Nicoll.

Kate reported, "Corey attends a local secondary school, and his friends are currently doing their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering with us. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Corey did not have the ability to carry out the full expeditions but did want to do the volunteering with his friends."

Corey and three other students from Cleeve Park Secondary School, Sidcup, completed their Duke of Edinburgh commitment every Thursday after school and volunteered working on land projects on our 6.5 acre site. The activities varied, but Corey embraced them with a smile. He always gave 110% and deserves this little bit of recognition and positivity. Corey was voted for by three of his friends and their reasons are below:

"I vote for Corey because he always puts a lot of effort into working here and at school. He always tries his best at what needs to be done in the working area".

"I vote for Corey because he is always trying hard even when he doesn't need to and he makes the best out of a bad situation. He always makes us laugh and smile even when there are problems for him".

"I vote for Corey because he has lots of problems, including with his family. I feel that Corey would benefit from this award because most of the time he is having to deal with challenges. He doesnt find things easy, but every day he smiles and tries his best. He is a good friend and I would love for him to be truly happy".

Kate continued, "As ADO senior manager, I feel emotional when thinking that Corey received a Jack Petchey award with us. Corey is truly an inspirational young man, who I hope continues to show his potential to everyone around him.

Corey shares joy wherever he goes. We are in a very fortunate position to have met and worked with Corey."


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