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ADO Appoint Avensure

We are pleased to announce ADO have tied up a 5 year contract with Avensure Ltd, who become our new legal team. We have been searching for the ideal legal partners to compliment our education and healthcare services since our business re-focus in February and with Avensure we have found a team who tick all our boxes.

The 5 year deal provides us with a dedicated account manager, a team of 5 legal consultants and 24 hour support. The bonus with the deal is that Avensure effectively become our HR department ensuring all our policies and procedures are right up to date with legislation and manage any challenges we may have going forward. We get a dedicated team who will be able to provide us with advice and peace of mind immediately at any time of the day.

Company Secretary Gary McHolland-Pilcher enthused, "Although our previous legal counsel provided great support over the last few years, we needed a company that specialised in the areas that were really important for us to get right going forward. At the forefront of our business is HR-Employment Law and Health and Safety Services and these are the areas Avensure specialise in. We now have a dedicated team, allowing the management to pull away from the time intensive administration and carry on building and developing the business. I will be not too disappointed to not have to write 30 page health and safety policies anymore, knowing that Avensure will be there to write them for me! "

Avensure will visit soon to start an internal audit on all our current policies and procedures (well over 100 of them) and make their recommendations and changes. 

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