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A Wildlife Corridor

Recently we received a number of shrubs and trees from the Woodland Trust for the land at Poets Corner as part of their free tree packs for the community. We ordered 30 Small Hedge Saplings and 30 Small Copse Saplings. The small hedge included species like Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dogrose, Crab Apple, Elder and Hazel. The copse species included Rowan, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry and Maple. These little sticks of life were destined to improve the diversity on the land in a number of ways.

We hope to transform a boring, plain strip of land at the front of Poets Corner with a Wildlife Corridor. The land is protected by some ugly, but useful concrete bollards. Once these small sticks burst into life in spring, they should establish quite quickly to form a wonderful 30 meter hedge line. This will form a haven for wildlife to make its home and to pollinate the flowers in spring and summer. The copse saplings will be planted to regenerate a strip of land that was previously a 6ft high very large bramble patch. These saplings will add new species to the land that we don't previously have and will establish to form another area of woodland mystery for our service users.

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