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Our Animals Need More Bedding - Please Donate

Its been a long hard winter at our Poets Corner site. You see it sits right at the bottom of the valley smack between Shooters Hill and Wickham Open Space. The temperatures really drop in the mornings. When Bexley had a sleety-rain last week, we had big fluffy snow. Its not unusual for everything to be iced up overnight, with temperatures down to minus 6 or more! Its a right old cold trap!!

Which brings us on to our mammal enclosures which are located onsite. During the winter months we have to make sure that we have plenty of warm bedding for our fluffy friends. Most have straw packed into their sleeping quarters, but straw does not work for our Ferrets (prone to respiratory problems with straw dust), Roxy raccoon dog, The Meerkat families and the Dumbo Rats for example. We also get through lots of towels drying our two therapy dogs, once they come back from walks with our students caked in mud!

We are now running short of fabric bedding and towels. If you have cleared out the airing cupboard or sorted through your bedding and towels after christmas, don't throw them away, please donate them to the ADO animals. 

As long as the bedding or towels are in a reasonable condition and don't need washing, then that would be perfect for our animals to snuggle into overnight.Woody Onesie

Old washed duvets are great too, especially for Roxy Raccoon Dog, but not those filled with feathers or down. Other than that, almost anything warm and comfortable will do. Even that embarrassing Woody from Toy Story onesie that Aunt Doris gave you as a Christmas present that you have hidden!


You can drop your donations at either of our three sites or if you live near one of our staff members we may be able to pick them up.

ADO at 39 Upper Wickham Lane, Welling, DA16 3AD between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Free parking for two hours in Morrsions Car Park

ADO at Poets Corner, Keats Road, Welling, DA16 3NB between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Place bedding in the green bin in the car park.

ADO Mini Explorers Preschool at Albany Park Church, Stanstead Crescent, Bexley, DA5 3JB. Please drop off to a member of staff between 9am and 3.30pm


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