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Learner Centred Curriculum

The River Valley AP will provide access to a range of high-quality targeted provision and a balanced curriculum. All Individual Learning Packages will be of high-quality and provide a suitable curriculum designed to meet the needs of the individual child or young person. All potential opportunities for accreditation will be identified within the young person’s education plan and agreed with the home school and parents-carers.

In addition to the valuable personal and social development outcomes that adventurous and vocational awards offer, our outdoor education programmes incorporate learning objectives in a therapeutic setting from the Key Stage 3 (KS3) and Key Stage 4 (KS4) curriculum. We can bring Science and Geography to life.

Key Stage 1 & 2: These children follow the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 3:. These children follow the National Curriculum. We also offer appropriate level AQA Awards (Entry, Level 1 and Level 2) to these young people to support their self-esteem and confidence to return to mainstream school with achievements. AQA Awards are offered in various Animal Care, Environmental and Bushcraft subjects.

AQA Awards are offered in specific areas of interest to the young person in the minimum subjects below.

KS4 Vocational BTEC Level 1 and 2 awards are available in the following subjects:

♦ Animal Care ♦ Countryside & Environment.

We are in the process of adding Equine and Adventure Sport to our roster. More information on our courses and qualifications can be found HERE>

Holistic Approach

We offer a child centred holistic approach, with therapeutic workshops and life skills embedded as appropriate to the needs of the young person. Workshops are run by trained staff and supported by our BACP counsellor and include;

Relaxation Therapy – Attain a State of Increased Calmness - Help Reduce Levels of Pain, Anxiety, Stress or Anger.

♦ Mindfulness – Learning techniques to help students focus on the present, relax and enjoy life more.

♦ Managing Anxiety – Understand and manage your anxiety by learning coping skills and relaxation techniques.

♦ Managing Stress – Coping skills and techniques to help you manage stress

♦ Managing Depression –Understand and learn ways to help your depression by learning coping skills and relaxation techniques.

The curriculum specified within an education plan will include age-appropriate PSHE and physical exercise and activities.

Complementing Core Education

Where an individual learning package is part-time or temporary, in order to minimise disruption to a pupil’s education, it should complement and keep up with the pupil’s current core curriculum, timetable and qualification route. The referring schools must provide the necessary work and or information for the AP service to facilitate this. If a pupil is referred to off-site provision on a part-time basis, they should attend school as usual on the days on which they are not in alternative provision.

We aim at all times within our AP services to provide a pathway and progression route to post 16 education, employment or training.

Post 16. We plan to provide vocational opportunities to study further with us.

The ADO River Valley Alternative Provision service is part of ADO, a trade name of Animal Days Out C.I.C. - A Not For Profit Community Interest Company

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