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We offer therapeutic sessions for all ages and have a range of services available, including;



If you are interested in starting one of the above services, either for yourself or someone in your care, please follow the 5 Easy Steps below. Our assessment process is efficient and ensures that all the relevant information can be gathered to provide an accurate assessment so that we can make a decision on which of our therapeutic services will be most suited to the individual. We will aim to tailor the therapeutic experience to each individual's needs.

Please note that during buys periods, the individual may be added to a waiting list for both the phone and practical assessments until more sessions become available. If the therapist the individual is assigned to work with is fully booked, the individual will be added to the waiting list and advised once a space becomes available.


Step One - Initial Information

An ADO Therapy Enquiry Form can be completed by clicking HERE>. This is a short online introductory form to provide us with the basic starting information. Once you click 'Submit', the information will be sent to the office team, who will aim to contact you within 48 hours.


Step Two - Payment

To proceed with the assessment stage (steps 3 and 4), we require the standard £40 assessment fee to be transferred to the following details:

ADO Account Info
Barclays Bank PLC
Animal Days Out C.I.C

Please send an email to to confirm you have made the payment, so we can easily allocate your payment and prevent a delay in the assessment process. 

If the individual is receiving funding for the assessment/sessions, we can arrange for an invoice to be sent. Please email to advise of funder's invoice details, including name, job position, email address, phone number and building address. Please clearly confirm what is being funded for the individual. Invoices are sent via email.


Step Three - Online Assessment

The assessments help us to determine which of our therapeutic services will be most suited to the individual and how best we can support them. There are two assessment elements, the Online Assessment form and the Practical Assessment.

The Online Assessment is step 3 and this includes a more detailed form to be completed about the individual.

The Online Assessment form can be found HERE>. Please ensure you provide as much information as possible as it will help our therapy team to further understand any needs/requirements and tailor sessions to the individual.

Once you have submitted the form, the office team will check availability for the next step, which is the Practical Assessment and will aim to reply in 48 hours. The office team will advise whether we can immediately offer a date for the practical assessment, or whether the individual will be added to the waiting list.

If the individual is added to the waiting list, a member of staff will be in contact as soon as there is a practical assessment session available.


Please note that if you complete the Online Assessment form but have not yet completed the first two steps, the assessment process will be on hold and you will not be issued a Practical Assessment date until the deposit has been received.


Step Four - Practical Assessment

Once you have confirmed a date for the Practical Assessment, you will be sent a confirmation email, which includes the session date and time, address and parking details.

The Practical Assessment will last for 30 minutes with a member of the Therapy Team. The Practical Assessment will either be at our Outdoor or Indoor site (both in Welling), depending on availability and weather. Our Outdoor Education site has undercover areas, heated marquees and lighting.

One adult may accompany the individual to the Practical Assessment. If the individual requires additional support and will need more than one adult to attend, please email to advise the office.

Please note that the Practical Assessment is a booked in health appointment and we must be strict on our timings as bookings are often made in blocks. Therefore, if you are running late for the Practical Assessment, we will not be able to extend the allotted appointment time. If you are unable to attend the practical assessment with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be required to book in again and you may need to pay for another Practical Assessment.


Step Five - Starting Sessions

Once the Practical Assessment has been conducted, please email us to confirm if you would like to proceed with starting sessions. If the individual decides that they do not wish to proceed at this stage, then no further action will be required from ADO or yourselves.

If the individual would like to proceed with sessions, our Senior Therapist will liaise with the team to determine which of our services will be most suitable for the individual. We will assign a weekly session to the individual, which is for the same day/time each week during term time with the same staff member on a 1:1 basis. This provides continuity for the individual and allows for sessions to flow each week.

If the individual can manage sessions without the support of a carer, the individual can be dropped off for the weekly sessions. This will allow the carer to have an hour respite; they are welcome to remain on site in the waiting area, wait in their cars or leave the site and return at the end of the session time.

We must be strict with our session times as they are booked times with the therapist, who may have another session directly afterwards. If the individual arrives late for the session, we cannot extend the session time.

On the individual's first session, they/the carer will receive a contract with dates for the first six sessions in the block booking. Once signed, the individual/carer is confirming they will adhere to our Terms and Conditions, which can be found in our Online Library HERE>.

On the last session of each block of six dates, the individual/carer will be issued with a rebooking form which confirms the next six dates. There will be a copy for the individual/carer to keep for their own records.

Payment for sessions can be made either via bank transfer (to the above details) or via credit/debit card over the phone. If paying over the phone, please call 020 8850 6678 and please note that there is an additional £1.50 admin fee for phone payments. Our preference if for a full block of six sessions to be paidat a time, but if this is not viable, we request a minimum of two sessions to be paid each fortnight.


If you have any questions regarding the Assessment Process, please email or call the office on 020 8850 6778 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm. Voicemails can be left outside of these hours.



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