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Two Services - One For ActivitiesAAA & AAT - Animal Therapy

One For Outcomes

We offer two specific types of animal therapy services with the ADO Therapy team - Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT).

The ADO Therapy team have been running these particular animal focussed sessions with children, young people and adults, either 1 to 1 or within groups since 2010. The team have been the pioneers in providing an alternative healthcare provision where we can demonstrate a remarkable return of investment to individuals, groups, parents, professionals and the wider community.



Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)

These sessions are open to individuals or families and are suitable for children, young people and adults. Unlike AAT they are not structured with a specific treatment goal for individuals, but interaction with our animals, nature and outdoor based activities can improve emotional and physical well-being, mindfulness and quality of life.

1 to 1 or Family Sessions

AAA involves a wide range of activties working with animals, wildlife and nature and is based on 27 of our own structured programs for recreational and mental health benefit. For children and young people, each of these programs can be completed by earning a badge which provides a sense of achievement and supports inprovement in confidence and self esteem.

Flexible Approach

AAA can be for recreational, social, motivational and educational events, beneficial for physical and mental health or for supporting the community. They can be one-off ad-hoc events or regular pre-arranged sessional events. These activities can take place at our sites or your centre or location of choice. We can provide these services in a wide range of settings including special needs schools, community groups, day centres, hospitals, residential care homes, secure children’s homes, PRU’s and prisons. In fact our AAA services can be used for all these services and so much more. Please contact us if you feel our AAA services would be beneficial to your group or individuals with specific, additional or special needs.


Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Within Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), there are pre-determined aims and goals to be achieved as the desired result of the therapy sessions, with support of professionals of the relevant field. These goals may cover a wide spectrum of improvements including physical, educational, mental health and motivational. AAT will often be used in more focussed areas of therapy including Relaxation Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for example.

1 to 1 Sessions

These AAT sessions will be structured to work towards preset goals over a set period and number of sessions and are led by a qualified member of the team with existing therapy specialisms. Sessions can also be supported where relevant by an existing health or recreation professional that maybe working with a client. For example, physician, occupational therapist, physical therapist, certified therapeutic recreation specialist, teacher, nurse, social worker, speech therapist or mental health professional. 

Structured Approach

AAT is a goal directed specialism where animals become co-therapists and AAT sessions can be used with talking therapy. AAT increases relaxation and can provide a wonderful calming effect. (Dzikowski 1998). Clients comfort level is increased and animal therapy programs can boost the spirit and lower blood pressure.

Trust is fostered and increased between therapist and client with the use of AAT. Animals are non-judgemental and this can support people to open up (Golin & Walsh 1994). Clients can re-learn to trust people and not always expect the worst. There have been research models showing correlation between animal contact and the improvement of a child's mental health.

Educational AQA Unit Awards

We are an accredited training centre and offer linked AQA unit awards on various subjects for certification on animal care. AQA awards are suitable for people with various ages, abilities and capacities and the level of award can be catered to the individual. For further information visit our ADO Training Centre HERE>

Mobile Outreach ServicesAAA Small Groups - Mobile Outreach

We can offer mobile outreach visits to service users in residential or day visit centres and the home environment for those with individual budgets who would benefit from a personal visit in their home setting. These session methods allows each person time to observe, or handle our animal (depending on the animal involved and the needs and abilities of the individual or small groups) in the familiar environment of their own homes or setting. There are various key goals of sessions in this format as follows;
♦ Create an atmosphere which is conducive to improving the comfort and emotional state of the people involved in the activities.
♦ Encouragement and support for patients to benefit from the presence of animals to redirect their focus to nurturing and positive tactile activities which can improve sensory awareness and induce response from therapeutic touch.
♦ Support the patients to focus on their environment as opposed to themselves and any illness which may be affecting them, their behaviour and emotional well being.
♦ Create opportunities to change and improve the relationship between patients and professionals by aiding them to forge their own connection with the presence of animals.

Visit Our Tranquil Poets Corner Nature Therapy Centre

Visit Us

We provide two settings for customers, service users or referrals to visit us. We have multiple indoor therapy rooms at our main headquarters in Welling Town Centre which have been designed for the specialised therapeutic sessions we provide. For an outdoor setting we can accomodate individuals and groups at our beautiful and therapeutic 6.4 acre Healthcare and Education Centre - Poets Corner on the outskirts of Welling.

Qualified Staff

All our AAA sessions are led by trained Animal Therapy Assistants who may be undertaking AAT study with us or qualified Animal Assisted Therapists who specialise in supportive therapy techniques. Our Therapists regularly under take supervision from our Occupational Therapist and we have a BACP counsellor in our team. The ADO Therapy team have the experience to discuss in confidence any enquiries regarding our services and how they may benefit you or your organisation.

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