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Animal Days Out CIC is an official training centre for AQA and delivers accredited courses through the Unit Award Scheme. We offer Animal Management and Care training across a number of domestic and exotic species to give our students an interactive learning experience throughout a diverse range of practical management and care procedures.

Training Guidelines

Throughout this AQA unit, we utilise a range of our own facilities and animal enclosures at the Environment Centre based in Eltham and other venues.

♦ Reptile House - Fully equipped reptile house with vivariums and other enclosures housing a large variety of reptiles and invertebrates.

♦ Domestic Animal Enclosure - An outside area with various enclosures and spaces incorporating hutches and coops housing native and exotic domestic animals.

♦ Farm Setting - Several large outdoor areas hosting our horses, goats and other large mammals.

Units Covered

Our introductory Animal Managment and Care course units cover:

♦ Animal Handling - How to safely handle and move animals, reptiles and invertebrates for maintenance and public display.

♦ Animal Care - How to care for various species of animals including Invertebrates, Reptiles or Small Mammals.

♦ Animal First Aid - How to administer emergency treatment to an injured or sick animal before professional medical care is available.

♦ Cleaning Enclosures - How to maintain the living spaces of a variety of species to optimize health and wellbeing.

♦ Grooming - How to groom and provide close-up health care for a variety of different species

♦ Nutrition and Enrichment - Detailed introduction to the foods that are safe and diets for nutritious health for each species and ways in which to enrich the feeding experience.

♦ Creating Habitats in the Wild - Encouraging wild animals, bugs and birds to occupy man-made living spaces such as bug hotels and bird-boxes. 

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