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Animal Days Out CIC is an official training centre for AQA and delivers accredited courses through the Unit Award Scheme. We offer horticulture training across a number of our sites to give our students an interactive learning experience of a diverse range of environments and biodiversity.

Training Guidelines

Throughout this AQA unit, we utilise a range of our own and partner facilities providing excellent horticultural settings for the learning experience. We have a number of training sites detailed below:

♦ Market Garden - Food growing in polytunnels and raised beds with a focus on organics, permaculture and biodynamics.

♦ Community Garden - Ornamental and forest gardening with a focus on accessibility and public use.

Sensory Garden - Therapeutic gardening with a focus on sensory elements.

Units Covered

Our introductory Horticulture course units covers:

♦ Plant Identification - Basic introduction to plant families and their respective needs. Practical use of senses to identify and differentiate between plants.

♦ Tools - How to safely select and use tools for specific tasks and how to store and maintain tools for longer life.

♦ Compost - How to create and use healthy, nutrient rich compost.

♦ Sowing - Detailed introduction and practice of sowing seeds indoors and outdoors.

♦ Potting On - Detailed introduction and practice of transplanting mature seedlings into pots and other containers.

♦ Pricking Out - Detailed introduction and practice of transplanting mature seedlings into growing beds.

♦ Watering - Introduction to watering, water catchment, irrigation and self-watering containers.

♦ Creating a Vegetable Garden - How to plan and create a growing space specifically for food including vegetables, soft fruit and edible flowers.

In addition further training covers these headline subjects:

♦ Propagation - Seeds, cuttings, division & grafting.

♦ Soil Health - Crop rotation, green manures, composting and mulching.

♦ Pest and Disease Control - Barriers, traps, companion planting, physical intervention and predator introduction.

♦ Harvesting - Fruit, vegetable, herb and flower harvesting for sale

♦ Pruning - Fruit trees, hedgerows, topiary, cages and espalier training.

♦ Sales and Marketing - Skills and techniques for running a small horticulture business.

♦ Detailed Plant Identification - Ornamental and Vegetable families, foraging skills, dangerous plants and invasive species.

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