Our Combo Party Package Provides The Perfect SolutionADO Animal Party

For Those That Can't Choose Between Animals and Bushcraft

Shall we have an Animal Party? No!! How about a Bushcraft Party? It's so difficult to choose! Why can't we haveThe Combo Party - The Only Party With Animals & Bushcraft both? Well you can! If you can't choose between the animals and bushcraft, why not have a bit of both? We offer the only animal and bushcraft combination party on the market. Its a unique mixture of animal interaction and outdoors in the woods.

Essential Information

Our Combo Party Package is the perfect solution for those who just can't choose between the Animal Party and the Bushcraft Party. That's because its a combination of both!  That's right, you get to interact with a bunch of our animals and have a chance to get wild outside in the woodland with a selection of Bushcraft modules. We run our Combo Parties at our Education and Healthcare Centre, Poets Corner, Welling, so you don't have to worry about venue hire. You just come and visit us. Its a wonderful 6.4 acre woodland setting where adventure is only the beginning.

♦ Our Combo Parties Last For 2½ Hours.

♦ You Can Choose From a List Of All Our Creatures and Animals. We have over 50 Different Species

♦ Choose your Showstopper (Large) Animal To End The Session.

♦ Choose a Bushcraft Module From A Selection of Great Activities For Different Age Groups

♦ 2½ Hours Include 1 Hour of Animal Interaction - 30 Minutes Break For Your Refreshments - 1 Hour Of Bushcraft Activities

♦ The 30 minute Break Is Where You Can Serve Food & Refreshments

♦ We Provide Two Members of Staff, So Your Guests Are Never Waiting Too Long To Get Interactive

♦ One Staff Member Will Be Animal Qualified, The Other A Bushcraft Practitioner

Finer Details


Our Combo Parties are ideal if you live in London and the South-East. We are based at The Education and Healthcare Centre, Poets Corner, Keats Road, Welling, Kent, DA16 3NB. Its a wonderful 6.4 acre woodland site, specifically designed for bushcraft activities.

Attendees and Format

We allow up to 20 attendees (guests), whom will be interactive with the animals and get a chance to learn new Bushcraft skills. The encounters includes a break for food, cake, singing happy birthday and blowing the candles out for example. This is usually outside around a base camp, but can be inside during very poor weather. There will be a minimum of two members of staff available on the day ensuring that your guests get some great interaction with the animals and are supervised for Bushcraft activities.


The Combo Parties are suitable for most age groups. The Bushcraft element will be outside and may not be suitable for younger more sensitive children. We recommend a minimum age of 5 years old for this package.

Pricing and Options


All pricing is fully inclusive of venue hire, staffing, your guaranteed number of animals and your bushcraft module resources. Check Out Our Prices Below:


Combo Party Services

Up To 20 
Attendees Maximum -
At Least 10 Animals

2½ Hour Package - Animal-Bushcraft Combo


 Bushcraft Themed Party Bags

  £3 each 

Sweet Cones

£1.50 each

Pre-Printed Invitations - Up To 30

£10 for 30

 Squash & Water Refreshments - No Limit Refills


Arrangement of Pre-Ordered Food Delivery *


Additional Venue Hire Per Hour **


All Pricing Includes VAT

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Prices valid until January 2019

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